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I am meeting someone for the first time and I want to make a good impression. What would be good discussion topics? As is the case in every society, Ethiopians come from different ethnic, family background, life style, education and work experience and individuals have their unique characteristics. However most Ethiopians are very welcoming, friendly, generous and respectful and expect the same in return. In certain cases, Ethiopians will go out of their way to please or entertain others, including strangers. Ethiopians appreciate warm greetings, handshakes, positive body language smile or showing a sign of happiness and a show of respect. They offer the best they can afford and give priority to their guest. For example, in most cases, Ethiopians will not take a seat before their guests.

Early Muslims in Africa had a cosmopolitan halal diet

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The Trials of the Christian Kingdom and the Decline of Imperial Power

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Excavations by archaeologists in Ethiopia have discovered that early 50, animal bones dating from the eighth/ninth centuries onwards.

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the Muslim areas in Ethiopia based on an assessment of the ancient and modern these steles, dating to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, belong to the.

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The archaeologists discovered thousands of ancient animal bones that demonstrates the spread of Halal butchery practices through Ethiopia, as vibrant communities developed because of the import and export of products around the Red Sea, and to Egypt, India, and the Arabian Peninsula. Previous excavations led by Professor Insoll have revealed the Mosques and burial sites, as well as the remains of luxury materials such as ceramics from China and Egypt, marine shell from the Red Sea and beads from India.

Harlaa was established in the 6th and 7th centuries before Islam arrived in Ethiopia. It was abandoned in the 15th century when Harlaa and Ganda Harlaa were established, possibly because of plague or environmental change, and with the increasing spread of Islam better places to farm could be lived in. During the period from which the animal bones date people may have been using smaller Mosques not yet discovered by archaeologists, and built larger buildings for worship as Muslim communities grew.

They are so well preserved that we can clearly see both cuts and evidence of wear. Analysis of wear on the bones show cattle were used for ploughing and turning grinding stones, and other species such as camels, horses, and donkeys, may have been used as pack animals to carry trade goods and other commodities. Analysis of the age data of cattle bones at Harlaa indicated 80 to 90 per cent of animals survived beyond 3 years of age, showing they were kept for milk or for work rather than bred to eat.

Archaeologists found the remains of pigs in Harlaa and Ganda Harlaa, which could have been domesticated or wild, unexpected in an Islamic area, as pigs are haram, ot forbidden in Islamic halal diet. This suggests the region was cosmopolitan, with visitors and residents from different areas and with different religions. Another explanation could be that early Muslims in the area ate pork during this period for practical reasons. No pig remains were found at Harar, which was a city of Muslim scholarship and pilgrimage.

Similar halal butchery techniques were used in all three sites, showing the influence of Muslim traders who arrived in the area and the spread of Islam to first Harlaa, and then Harar and Ganda Harla.

Interfaith relations between Christianity and Islam in Ethiopia

Its capital Walale was situated in northern Hararghe in Harla country. Its territory extended possibly to some parts west of the Awash River. The Shewa sultanate was one of the oldest documented Muslim states in the region. The state ran along Muslim trade lines and dominions known to the Arab world as the country of Zeila. The Makhzumi dynasty reigned until it was deposed by the Walashma dynasty of Yifat or Ifat Ifat was once the easternmost district of Shewa Sultanate.

Feb 22, Are not free to choose who they marry, what they eat or whether or not. This was done by Ethiopians to circumvent the Islamic.

They live in northeastern Ethiopia , southeastern Eritrea , and Djibouti , where, with the Issas , they are the dominant people. It is thought that the Afar were the first of the present inhabitants of Ethiopia to elaborate their pastoral life into full-scale nomadism , descending from the highlands of southeast Ethiopia and migrating to the stony desert area of Danakil, the name sometimes used by Arabs to identify them but which is now considered to be offensive.

The Afar subsistence economy depends on livestock, especially goats, some camels, and, more rarely, cattle. There are some exceptions, such as fishermen in the coastal areas and agriculturalists in the Assau oasis. The Afar also mine and export salt. Proud, highly individualistic, and much feared by outsiders, they are organized in patrilineal kin groups.

Cooperation in larger units such as a subtribe or tribe is induced only by warfare against other tribes or neighbouring peoples. Age-sets exist wherein people of the same age group are subject to a chief who settles disputes among them. Beyond this, legal procedure consists of the rules for compensation for adultery—a system of fines to the injured husband or father—and revenge for homicide.

Blood feuds are a principal, perennial , and costly occupation, except among the few sultanates, notably at Assau, in which despotic law is backed up with an army. The Afar are nominally Muslim, but a minimal level of orthodoxy in practice is attained only in the coastal regions and in the sultanates. The nomads of the interior are lax, and, though they hold Islam in great esteem, their own practices are imbued with the earlier Cushitic religion.

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Ethiopia is now the second most populous country in Africa, with more than million inhabitants, after Nigeria, million. On both western and eastern sides of the continent, these two countries present situations of religious plurality reflective of the variety of historical dynamics of Christianity and Islam in Africa. In Nigeria the population is almost equally divided between Christians in the southern tropical humid regions and Muslims in the northern, drier, parts. The Christian faith was introduced by missionaries who went along the processes of settlement of European colonial rule, whereas Islam was established in earlier times, since the 11th century, along the trade and slavery roads going through the Sahelian southern fringe of the Sahara desert 1.

In Ethiopia, on which this article will focus, a general correlation between climatic zones and the distribution of religions also exists between the watered and agricultural highlands, forming the historical stronghold of the Orthodox Christian polities, and the arid lowlands basins of the Nile and the Red Sea, where Islam had spread.

The effects of the Muslim and Oromo activities and of the civil strife At this time, the Oromo, settled in far southern Ethiopia, were an egalitarian pastoral people During this time, traditionally dating from to , the kingdom no longer.

Ethiopia has roots dating back to the earliest iterations of civilization. Throughout its long history, this region of the world has been witness to the growth of multiple religions and religious communities. Today, the majority of Ethiopians are Christian. Ethiopia, though, has been the home of Orthodox Christian as far back as the first century, near the very beginning of the Christian faith. Ethiopian Orthodoxy is closely tied with many aspects of Ethiopian culture, as seen in the incorporation of drums in worship and practice, a unique style of icon painting, dressing in the traditional Gabi shawl, and even in the distinct style of the monolithic rock-hewn churches found in the Ethiopian town of Lalibela.

The country is neighbors to majority-Muslim nations and is relatively close to the birthplace of Islam.

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